Thursday, May 8, 2008

Living Room is ALMOST complete

I finally finished painting the living room (with some assistance from my mom & Michael). I think it looks pretty good. It still needs baseboard mouldings and the wiring to be tied into the circuit breakers, but all in it looks like a complete room. Yay! Now onto the spare bedroom :)

Here are some photos:

Charley absolutely loves hanging out on the window seat and looking out the window. I'm sure we'll never be able to get her off it once we actually make cushions for it.

Our foyer is halfway cleaned out, it may not look like much, but it's a significant improvement :)

Our new lamp!

The walls in the front bedroom were pretty damaged in our efforts to remove the awful wallpaper that seemed to be crazy glued on to every surface. So our two options now are to skim coat it with mud, or do a textured plaster-like surface. I'm torn, honestly, at this point, I just want to do what will be easier and look good. I don't want to totally sacrifice quality, but I also need to make some serious progress. Any opinions?


Kristen said...

DON'T TEXTURE IT. I swear, I will drive to Kentucky right now and slap you both silly if you texturize the plaster. The rest of what you've been doing is so beautiful, so classic and clean, that textured plaster would just be a step backward. Please don't do it. Please please.

The room looks freaking fantastic, by the way. I agree with Charley, too - the window seat is the place to be.

Sandy & Michael said...

Hey Kristen :) If we went with the texture on the drywall we were going to try to do it in a way that would really look like plaster and not be ugly. But I am thinking that the best thing to do will be a skim coat on the drywall, so I guess you don't have to come down here and slap us :)

Kristen said...

Haha, pardon my overreaction. I should have known better! NOW what will I do this weekend?

Amanda said...

Great space there. Can't wait to see the final pictures of this room.