Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crazy Work Weekend

If working on the house was an olympic event, I think we would have at least won a silver this weekend :)


Friday: My mom and I drove to Nashville to Lumber Liquidators to pick up bamboo flooring. Friday evening was taking apart the cabinets, and Michael creating his awesome paneling!

The beautiful view from our front porch.

The super scary light "fixture" in our kitchen. The third fixture we've found to be burnt and black inside.

Saturday: Michael finished his paneling, adjusted the cabinets to fit the fridge and the over-the-range microwave we bought LAST YEAR. We didn't think we would be able to get it in until we did a full reno of the kitchen, but our mini reno is turning out amazing! Mom spent the day priming the cabinets with the excellent multipurpose primer which didn't require stripping of the cabinets, yay! (Thanks Mom!) I spent the day priming and painting.

Sunday: Michael installed almost all of the bamboo flooring, it's beautiful! Mom painted the cabinets, awesome! And I finished priming the foyer and spare bedroom, and began painting. I love the colors so far!

"Scottish Shortbread", beautiful color!!

Now to attempt to postpone the appraisal for one week :)

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