Monday, June 11, 2007

Moving On...

Okay, we still have a few details to take care of on the roof, but since it's been crazy hot and we don't want to damage the shingles - and the roof is essentially done, we've allowed ourselves to start on the bathroom.

Now this is a violation of one of the main rules we set for ourselves - not starting a new project until we've finished the first one, but I think we'll be okay here. I've been studying a LOT for the bar exam, and Michael can't really finish up the soffits on the roof alone, so we started demo on the bathroom on Saturday, and he's been working on that ever since.

I managed to take a few photos of our progress so far. We are basically completely gutting the bathroom. It's kind of funny having our own house, and being able to just decide, "hey, let's go rip the walls off of the bathroom!" Of course it's a messy job, and taking longer than we might have thought, but we had to tear out drywall, then the horribly damaged plaster covered by the drywall, and then the lathe since we are not capable of repairing it, and would really like to insulate the bathroom and redo the wiring anyway.

So here are the photos, hope no one is grossed out too much by the disgusting remnants of the old toilet seal and the cigarette butt we found there.


Maya said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for your comments. Yes we hired a crew for the roof and for the siding we will too. The rest though is pretty much sweat equity..., there is a lot to do. So, I am home (artist and homemaker) scraping of wallpaper, refinishing floors and the like, oh, we hired a plumber too since we are relocating the bathroom, and then on the weekends Peter, my husband, is doing whatever I can't...Admirable how you guys do the roof!! Luckily it only rained briefly...then the sun came out.

Marye said...

bathroom restorations are never pretty..
yours is coming along nicely!