Sunday, June 3, 2007

We are very very lucky

Although thunderstorms and rain have been forecast for almost every day lately, with the exception of a few showers yesterday, it has been dry for almost two weeks.

It's ironic that we live in such a rural area, and everyone is talking everyday about how they wish it would rain, while we are thinking just the opposite.

Michael and I proved that we are truly hardcore yesterday. We had briefly given up when it started to rain, and just covered up the roof and left. But we returned a few hours later despite the omnious skies and continuing thunder.

We had removed a section of rotten wood earlier in the day, so we had a gaping hole exposed to the elements that we were desperate to cover. So we worked on the roof in the rain like crazy. Michael was sawing, I was nailing, and by the time we were done we had it completely patched up and had every surface covered with either shingle or tar paper!

We are now about 1/2 way done the second side, we are definitely moving a lot faster.

Here's hoping that by next weekend we will be working on the bathroom, once that's done we can officially move in!

Here's a picture of Michael and me not working on the house, since I haven't made it into the blog yet :)


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