Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone feel like helping us make a decision?

I have started looking at lighting fixtures for the bathroom. If anyone recalls,
this is our light fixture (and exhaust fan) on the ceiling:

We are currently looking for a set of sconces to go on either side of the mirror over the sink (we haven't chosen the mirror yet) but the sink looks like this:

And our fixtures so far have all been in a polished nickel finish.

We are also looking for a light fixture to go on the wall above the built-in.

Here are a couple of my options so far:


Over built-in options:

The more I look at the first sconce the more I like it, but I'm worried that the matching two-light fixture will be too small to go over the built-in. I'm also open to any suggestions from anyone who has a feel for what we're looking for :)


Kristen said...

Hmm.. It's hard to say. You could go by whichever shape you want in the bathroom - the first sconce has more angular edges to it, and the second is curvier. What does your faucet look like?

(Also, I'm biased toward sconces myself, though the above-the-mirror you've chosen are cool, too!)

Sandy & Michael said...

I like the idea of tying the lighting in with the faucet... we just haven't chosen the faucet. I have to admit that I'm leaning towards buying the one you are using :)

Oh, and we're going to have both the sconces AND the over the mirror lights, best of both worlds... just not over the same mirror. There will be a mirror over the sink, and then another over the built-in cabinet that Michael is constructing.

EGE said...

When we did our bathroom our electrician said you're always better off with lights that point down in a bathroom, because moisture can condense and drip down inside if they're facing up...

It makes sense to me, but then, I also don't understand -- if it's really such a problem -- why they make them that way in the first place.

Chrystal & Justin said...

i like the top one best.