Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our New Bathroom Inspiration

Isn't it beautiful? We were already talking about painting the outside of the tub black, and now we've pretty much decided to do a full on black and white bathroom. I'm excited about the black, I think it looks really elegant and is not a very commonly used color (or non-color or whatever it is). I just hope we can pull it off, choosing the right paint will be very important!

Michael started working this week, which is exciting, but not good news for house progress. I've been trying to make an extra effort to go to the house after work and I've been sanding the trim for the built-in. I was actually having fun with it yesterday, it really helped listening to my mp3 player. I'm really enjoying an album I put on it by Mika.

Here are some updated photos of our built-in. It looks great. We're having a debate about the beadboard on the wall. I think we're going to keep it up, but we're not sure if we should paint if black or if that will be overwhelming. We're thinking that we'll stain the cabinet with a semi-transparent white stain which will be beautiful and break up all the black. Anyway, here are the photos of the cabinet and a sample pic of the stain:

So the stain doesn't seem to show up very well online, but it will be more like the white stain, but you will be able to see the grain more like in the gray stain:

We were bad renovators again last weekend and went camping, but I think we will get lots done this weekend, and we had a great time so it was worth it :) I had to share a couple of photos of Michael, from when we were out on our friends' boat:


Kristen said...

I love the inspiration picture! There's something about the black tiles in the floor pattern that really make it feel warm, rather than stark. The beadboard, too. With the other Deco-ish fixtures you've been planning, it is going to look SO great!

And the built-in, too! It's really coming along. (I don't think I'd paint the beadboard above the built-in black - it looks like a pretty big wall.)

Sandy & Michael said...

Thanks Kristen, I can't wait until it's actually done :) And I think you're right about the wall, that was our first thought, but then we started overthinking the whole thing.

Dulcie said...

Beautiful bath pic! I think the black might be a little bit bold for my own house, but I definitely support your decision to do it! :) I bet it'll look fabulous.

Sandy & Michael said...


that sounds silly - isn't that what exhaust fans are for? I can see how it would sound convincing though...but what the hey, we like to live on the wild side :)

Anonymous said...

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