Monday, September 10, 2007


This weekend I was mostly on my own since Michael went camping with a friend on Saturday night. It's hard to resist taking some time for ourselves, but we are also anxious to get in the house... we struggle with that. But I had a nice time working at the house and did some reading in the evening.

The photos show the result of a simple sweeping and mopping of the floors. It really made me happy to see that they look pretty great under all that filth. We aren't planning on refinishing them, just giving them a good cleaning and then waxing them. (The floor was still wet in the photos, thus the shininess). Oh, and that's the guest bedroom, the bathtub is just living in there until we're ready to refinish the outside and install it.

We went for a drive to the nearby "big town" of Bowling Green in our search for beadboard wainscoting on Friday night. We were in luck because they were in stock, and while they were slightly water damaged, they gave us an irresistible price on them.

I was hoping to start mudding the drywall yesterday, since all the drywall is up in the bathroom, but I had some issues getting the bucket of mud open (i.e. I could not open it!) Today after I walk home I'm going to try really hard again and see if I can't get that started, and then Michael wants to go get all the mouldings for the wainscoting so we can start to put that up. It's nice that we only really have to finish the upper half of the drywall, so I guess I can practice on the lower half.

We had decided to go to the Bourbon Festival this weekend in Bardstown after hearing how much fun it was, but I think we've managed to convince ourselves that we really need to work on the house. It's already almost halfway through September, I don't know how this keeps happening.


Kristen said...

Hah! I had a similar bucket-o-wall-mud problem! I ended up on the floor, wrapping my legs around the bottom of the bucket and prying the top off with both hands bit by bit.

You have very pretty floors. And a cute tub.

Andy said...

Man, do I HATE drywall mudding/ takes me forever, and I typically have a smooth, gentle hand. Good luck, once you get the bucket open! :)

EGE said...

Those floors are lovely! And I have to admit I had fantasies about a big claw-foot tub in my bedroom until you explained that it wasn't actually attached...

becoming-home said...

ooh, so beautiful!

You probably already know this, but waxing the floors prevents you being able to do a light sanding "refinish" in the future.. you'll have to do the complete refinish with more layers of sanding instead (more $$!).

The first thing the floor guy asked us about our downstairs floors were if they'd ever been waxed.. I think the wax keeps the polyurethane from adhering or something.


Mariah said...

My husband and I are doing the exact same thing! We closed on our house last month but have yet to move in because we are remodeling the entire inside. Our home dates back to the late 1800's. We hope to put a blog up soon too detailing all of our work, but we have not stopped working long enough to do so. Just wanted to let you know there is someone out there dealing with same type of project and sometimes frustrations, but it will all be worth it. We live in the "big town" of Bowling Green, KY.

Mariah said...
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