Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Plan of Attack

We've started arranging for the utilities to be hooked up.

We take possession on Sunday, and the plan is to spend as much of Sunday as we have cleaning and then painting the bedroom we are going to occupy initially.

Today we decided on our budget for our initial draw on our construction loan, and chose appliances! We had debated whether or not we should order appliances before we are ready to actually do the kitchen, but ended up choosing most of the appliances and will probably just get the fridge and stove for now. We are in love with the French-door style fridges, and that will be our big splurge. We are getting an Amana from A.J. Madison's, which seems to be a great online store - so far, we haven't ordered yet :)

Wish us luck on getting in, and our crazy plan of doing immediate demo on the bathroom - here's hoping our friends are okay with our plan of utilizing their facilities for the next little while!

No new pics today, but don't worry, there will be plenty soon!

One of our big goals is to work on ONE project at a time, but that being said, I think the first week will be a little haphazard. We will be ordering things and getting settled a bit. But the first three things on the agenda are: check the foundations (really hoping my dad doesn't think it needs too much work!); new roof - shingles already chosen; gut and begin work on the one and only bathroom!; order appliances. Oh wait, that's four things!

But of course nothing can happen until I give our friendly banker a call in the morning to arrange the funding!

good night and and keep your fingers crossed for a smooth move!


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