Friday, July 27, 2007

And We're Back!

Ouch! My hands are not used to working on the house anymore!

It was nice to finally get back to the house and to finally be finished with the bar.

Today we focussed on cleaning up the yard and trying to fill in the 270 foot ditch that was left over from Michael running the new water lines. We moved over 2 tonnes of dirt by hand today! It took two trips to Lowes, and the second time our poor car looked like it had been lowered it was sagging so much - the entire car was full of dirt!

I'm really itching to get started on putting the bathroom back together, but we STILL haven't finished the trim on the edge of the roof, and now it looks like the gutters may have to be replaced. I just want to have the outside completely done. But I'm also eager to work on the bathroom so we can move in at last.

No matter what we decide to work on tomorrow, at least we'll continue the progress, and now I'll have time to actually update the blog regularaly!

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EGE said...

Ha! It must have been a good day for hand injuries...