Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Okay, now we're really back!

We put in a couple of good days of work last week, and then took off for a few days of camping before I start work again tomorrow.

Michael and I attempted to make some progress on the electrical work this weekend, and were not very successful. It's quite difficult to run the new wires through the walls when you can't see what's inside them blocking the path of the wire. I had my arm inside the wall almost up to my elbow! Michael had the harder job as usual though, he was up in the attic in the lowest part trying not to get a nail in the back.

Oh, and Michael found a newspaper from 1964 in the wall! It features a Barren County family as Kentucky's Safest Farm Family...and some pretty sweet shoes.

We've had a request for our review of the vintagetub.com clawfoot tub supplies. Hopefully we can start putting the bathroom back together soon, and then we can let everyone know how we like them - they look and feel really nice, very high quality. So we're happy with them so far, let's hope the installation goes smoothly & quickly.

Michael's little brother and sister will be visiting this weekend, so it probably won't be a big working weekend, but we'll have a few evenings this week and things should settle down soon (I hope!) It would be nice to be able to actually move in to our house!

And for those of you who know us and might want to see them, here are a few shots from our camping trip to Laurel River Lake. We had a really nice time, and were crazy enough to go canoeing with Charley & Rosie! We also stopped by Cumberland Falls on our way back, which was nice but rather muddy looking. And Michael rediscovered his love for fruit rollups :)

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