Friday, July 13, 2007

Just a quick check in

Here's a photo of my adorable niece who is coming to visit along with my sister next week. Unfortunately no pictures of the house because I have not been there a single time this week! I'm kind of sad about it, but it's good that I'm studying.

Michael on the other hand has been working on the house almost constantly. The plumbing is almost entirely done - for the whole house! Of course the finishing still needs to be done, but there are pipes running everywhere they need to be, and they have mostly filled in the big ditch that was in our yard - or so he says, I have no way of verifying this of course as I'm stranded at my parents without a car in the middle of nowhere all day. Maybe tonight I'll take a little break and go back there with Michael if he feels like doing some more work this evening. Michael also completed most of the electricity for the bathroom, and mostly installed our new fan/light fixture. I'm excited to see the progress, and can't wait until we are actually putting the bathroom back together!

Tomorrow I have scheduled time off to go to a demolition derby at one of the local county fairs - we have been promised much redneck entertainment.

11 more days until the bar exam, and then I can get back to working on the house. Of course I just about had a heart attack writing "11 more days", but in a small way I'm glad it's soon because that means it will soon be over.

Oh and here is a picture of our front porch that I don't think I posted before - I love the porch and the swing, not so much the carpet that Michael tore out in May and decided to leave there.

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EGE said...

I love the porch -- and I love the "decided to leave there."

I live that. Daily. Monthly. Yearly.